Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Honey Do"

Before my husband was diagnosed with dementia he was the very best handyman.  He was always doing all the “honey do” jobs around with the greatest of flair, even built a huge shop/warehouse.  Then one day after he started to have minor problems,  I found him completely confused. He had two huge holes in the wall as he was trying to install a towel rack in our guest bathroom …  such a simple task. That little honey do was already beyond his ability.  Immediately, the action I took, to keep him from getting way upset, was simple.  I suggested for us take a ride to look at the wind turbines. Changing the focus, can be anything that captures your loved one’s attention, something they like to do anyway.  Diverting a melt down is necessary …  You know out of sight, out of mind.